Artists for Soup’s Response to the Crisis in Nicaragua:


The still-unfolding political situation that began on April 18 in Nicaragua has led to over 300 deaths and economic paralysis. Four years ago, when Artists for Soup was formed, our focus was on finding ways to link international art and agricultural communities to strengthen food security in Nicaragua. Now we seek ways to make this work continue through and beyond this painful time.

Our work, which began in La Paz Centro and surrounding communities, has expanded to food-insecure communities outside Matagalpa, where we have developed family and school bio-intensive, organic gardening programs. Decentralizing food production is one way to cope with political and climate insecurity, so we hope to increase the number of family gardens we create in the next twelve months. And in addition to its health benefits, our emphasis on solar cooking and high-efficiency cook stoves has increased in importance as deforestation is happening quickly and communities are cut off from much commerce.

Artists for Soup grieves for those who have been killed and we think daily of those who are injured. We long for a resolution that unifies a sustainable Nicaragua. We hope to continue our work for the well-being of women and families, and join our partners who work protecting the environment in which we live.