We are guided by a belief that cultivating knowledge and sharing labor can lead to greater nutritional health and protection of shared natural resources.

What Is Artists For Soup?

Artists for Soup is a 501-c3 not- for-profit dedicated to reducing hunger, malnutrition and poverty through empowering women and secondary school students and as they acquire skill and knowledge to help lead community initiatives aimed at building local economic and food security in a…

Director’s Statement

Hunger – everywhere – is the inevitable end product of a disheartening socio-economic process that puts the most vulnerable at disadvantage. In some small way, I wanted Artists for Soup to help break the cycle. Food, yes. That was where to begin.  But related structural issues could not be…

La Paz Centro, Nicaragua

La Paz Centro is a city of 30,000 people in Nicaragua, the second poorest country next to Haiti in this region. Artists for Soup and Vassar education researchers started projects in La Paz Centro because it’s close to the capital, easy to reach, and traveling distance from a number of partnering organizations…

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members of La Fortaleza with seed box

Environmental degradation and hunger are inextricably linked. What can we do about this? Part of the solution to ending hunger comes from building back the soil. The purpose of the bio-intensive method is to…

computer lab in Pablo V1 secondary school

In 2014, Artists for Soup was able to provide technology and a structure that allows secondary students to explore the benefits of science, math, technology through a small grant from IEEE. We partnered with……

recipients of solar ovens

Developing a connection between what Artists for Soup and our collaborating groups growin gardens and what we cook in ovens turns out to be a fun way to teach about nutrition.  In addition to providing…

Judith Nichols

Artists for Soup,

Ana Orians

Artists for Soup, Inc.
Assistant to the Director

Tracey Holland

Director of Summer Research
in La Paz Centro

Tina Santoni

Family Nurse Practitioner
and Artists for Soup Consultant